Visual Blog #5 DragRacingNationals 2018 Part 1 from Fontana, Ca

 Hi Everyone Sal Anthony here from SpeedShutter with another Visual Blog from the Latest show we attended. DragRacingNationals in Fontana was nothing but Straight Racing Action.. Imports VS. Domestics was advertised and we got what we paid for.. seemed like there was a good number of domestics this turn out, which was really cool to watch off the Line. Those pics will come in part 2 of this Blog. As mentioned this event was all out Racing as there was no Carshow part of the Event except for a few show stoppers that made out their spots.. 

As Always Thank you for stopping by and catching the action from our Perspective. I think there might be 3 parts to this coverage... Stay Tuned.



 Stay Tuned for Part 2!

SpeedShutter Out ✌

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